Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Taken today after my husband came home! Do I look happy?!
So, here's the story. The last time I posted, I was quite melancholy. What?!? YOu didn't figure that out?!?! I waited ALL day long for one tiny text from Haiti as simple as "happy bday".
It never came.
I convinced myself that Kevin was busy and didn't have time that day to text. Or maybe something had happened to the service and it just couldn't make it out of the country. He knew it was my birthday and he loves me and he will let me know when he got home. I went to bed feeling just slightly down. (yeah, right. Who am I kidding with that statement?!?!)
The next day Kevin sent me SEVERAL texts as I was taking Abby to school telling me happy birthday and explaining that he had had a "senior" moment. Turns out he HAD texted me on my birthday! The problem was he sent it to HIS cell phone instead of mine! He said "Isn't that funny?! HA HA!" I have to say I didn't find it terribly funny at the time, but it IS pretty hilarious now! And he was the YOUNG guy on the trip!.....

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Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of the two of you....