Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My middle child

I have stated many times since we found out about Collin that Byron was a middle child before he was a middle child. He is sweet and frustrating and kind and mean and helpful and stubborn and loving and makes you want to pull your hair out and makes you want to snuggle up to him as close and tight as you can. He loves attention and LOVES having his picture taken. He often holds Collin down and asks me to take their picture. When I get out the camera, I never know what will be recorded. Here are a few I just wanted to share for today of my wonderful, fantastic, energetic 3 yr old.
Mischevious Solemn TIRED!!!I made him walk into the house after being asleep in the car. I asked him if he wanted me to take him to his bed so he could sleep some more. He said no and when I finished getting Collin and everything else out of the car, this is what I found! I did move him to a more comfortable place and he slept for a couple of more hours. I never know what to expect from him! :)

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