Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maw Maw

Over the weekend, we were blessed to get to enjoy time with family and celebrate the birthday of my wonderful mother. (I dropped the "in-law" a long time ago. Abby still can't figure that out.) I won't say how many years she celebrated, but we hope she is around for many more to come.

She is an example to me in many, many ways. There are not enough descriptive words to describe her. There are the basics -- Daughter, Wife, Mother, Maw Maw, Woman. There are the descriptive -- caregiver, supporter, encourager, cheerleader, helper, friend, companion, listener, advice-giver, role model, teacher, among many others. Then there are the spiritual -- knowledge-seeker, Bible-reader, homebuilder, life-leader, wisdom finder, meek, humble, gentle, kind, loving, fruitful, etc.

But most importantly, she wears the name Christian. She is an inspiration to me, I am sure to the rest of the family, and to all those who meet her or come into contact with her. Thank you, Mom, for being who you are to me. I love you and I hope you had the best birthday yet.

Lighting the candles...isn't it fun?
Even more fun? Blowing them out! Granny is always there to hand out the LOVE! Thanks for a WONDERFUL MEAL!
Can't get by without a little silliness... Especially when Carlton's around!Aunt Janna is pretty fun, too. She is ALWAYS willing to play!Gotta have the "official" birthday-with-the-grandkids picture! I PROMISE, this is as big as the headcount is going to get!And, of course, it just isn't a party of ours until somebody ends up crying. I have a feeling that, for years to come, it is going to end up being someone that has to go home with me.Happy Birthday, Mom.

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Kathryn said...

Oh Cheree, what wonderful things to say to me. You are truly MY daughter. I will try to live up to most of those adjectives.....I am so blessed to have you for a daughter. I will keep this and it will be my own special jewel to read and reread.
Thank you for all the good that you do and I know, will do. I love you. Mom