Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nana

I have been really bad about blogging lately, but I hope to remedy that situation in the next week or two. Of course, by the time I get caught up to today, I will have another week or two to catch up on. Oh, well. I have PLENTY of material to keep me going.

My Mom, the fabulous Marianne McGowan Richardson, was able to celebrate another birthday on October 27. Yes, that means both of my moms are October babies. Sadly, as much as I wanted to be with the woman who gave me life on the day she was given life, it was not meant to be. My mom lives in Florida now, so I don't get to be with her as much as would like, or any at all for now. Luckily, my wonderful brother and his beautiful, sweet wife get to look out for her and be with her as much as they like. Plus she gets to spoil a couple of grandkids as often as she likes. That's not half bad.

What to say about my mother? Where to begin? All of my short life, she has been a single mother. With 4 kids. FOUR kids. I struggle with my 3 and my wonderful husband is there to help me as often as I scream for it. How could she have raised such amazing children (and I speak more of my 2 fabulous sisters and the aforementioned awesome brother than I do myself)? She raised us to fear God and always to put him first. She struggled to make it at times. ALOT. But she did it. But you would never know of the trials she faced based on her outlook on life now. She fears God and her ultimate goal is to serve Him in Heaven someday.

But that's not all. She raised 4 Christian kids. And then she had her own life to live. But then, in October of 2005, she chose to quit her job and care for her cancer-striken mother, my Godly grandmother, until she passed away in February of 2006. The story doesn't end there. Her father, my amazing grandfather, was so grief stricken at the passing of the love of his life, he almost immediately required more care. So for the next 3 years, 5 months and 4 days, she was by his side every minute of every day, caring for him in absolutely any way he needed her. He had been by my grandmother's bedside for almost every minute of her last few months. He ate there, prayed there, talked to her, and slept in a recliner holding her hand until she faded away. It took a toll on this 79-yr-old man, and my mother was there to pick up the pieces and care for him until he went to be with her in July 2008. And she did it without complaint and fantastically. There are a couple of extra stars in her crown if you ask me.

Mom, I love you more than you will ever know. I miss you every day. I know you are happy in Florida and I am glad. Thank you for the example you set for your children and your grandchildren. Your legacy will live on in them and in me as long as I live. Happy **th Birthday. ( I won't tell the actual number!)
Byron took this picture. If you want to be in one of his pictures, you have to duck to get into it. And FAST! But this one wasn't too bad!Mom, with my brother and sweet nephew and niece. SIL didn't get to be there this time.

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