Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collin Mac Tate

If you follow the counter on the right hand side, you will realize that Collin turned 7 months old last week. I should have blogged that day. But I didn't. I am taking the opportunity now though, so hold on to your hat. I may get wordy....

Although Kevin and I said we would take all the kids that the Lord decided to bless us with, somehow, I didn't ever think we would have more than 2. We waited so long for Byron, we figured we had reached our limit for blessings. But, oh, how welcomed he was. Here are the top seven things I love about my 7 month old.

1. He is the most snuggly of my kids. When I pick him up out of his crib in the night, he snuggles his face into the crook of my neck and wraps both arms around my neck as if to say, "Oh, Mom, I missed you while I was sleeping. Thanks for coming to love on me some more." I will always remember the feeling of that.

2. He has the cutest little smile. It lights up his whole face. But if he is tired or not feeling well, he won't smile at you. Period.

3. He has learned to say "Momma" and he uses it in context. When he realizes I am not holding him, he tries to climb out of that person's arms and says Momma until I come "rescue" him.

4. He is so observant. Just today, I was talking to him and making faces at him and then turned just slightly away to talk to someone else or look at something (I don't really remember what) and he leaned over as far as he could to continue to study my face. He doesn't miss anything.

5. He is the most unique of my babies. He rolls all over the place, crawls, and is already pulling up on things. He can get anywhere he needs to go, and is trying desperately to keep up with everything that is going on. I can't believe how fast he is developing. It seems to be much faster than the first two.

6. The boy can EAT!!! He knows when it is time to eat. He knows when supper is ready. He wants to eat what everyone else is eating and he will eat until you stop feeding him. I had heard of children like this, but never had one of my own....until now. I honestly have never fed him anything that he wouldn't eat. He seems to run out of food before he runs out of appetite. Kevin told me to start stocking the freezer. And he is right....

7. His favorite place to take a nap is always right beside me. With each child, the "you can't sleep in my bed" rule has faded just a little more. I think now it may be completely gone. From the beginning, he has slept in our bed...alot. It is what allowed me to get enough rest to function. Abby, of course, was the only child for a long time, so sleep was easy to get. Plus, she slept ALOT more than my boys do. Byron was almost like a first child again because Abby was already in school and I could sleep whenever Byron slept. This time is a bit more challenging, but at this point, we have our routine, and it works for us. Just don't get us out of it.....

Collin Mac, I love you to the moon and back. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. May you always look to God for guidance.

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