Friday, October 9, 2009

Hershey & Bacon

Well, we are officially pig owners. Abby would say they are her pigs, but honestly, it is going to be a great big group effort. And there is NO WAY Byron is going to let her go outside by herself to take care of them. It is going to be quite an adventure and has been quite comical already. What have I gotten myself into?

Dad and Abby are putting the finishing touches on the pens so that the pigs can be moved in. It is such a great bonding thing for them to get to experience together.

This is a picture of the boys and I staying out of the way so that Dad and Abby can get the pens finished. This is a very important step. We had been out at the pens watching, but it didn't take too long for Daddy to begin a slow, steady growl, so we found something else to do.So, let's see....which one should I choose? In the end it came down to what Dad and Les Sanders (the pig breeder. Sanders Show Hogs -- awesome establishment & awesome family!) thought. Abby and I are doing this together and have absolutely NO idea what makes a good pig....yet.Byron decided he needed one, too. Abby, bless her sweet little heart, is letting him believe the boy pig is his. How awesome of a sister is she?!
And HERE THEY ARE! Bacon is Byron's pig, the boy on the left. Hershey is Abby's pig, the girl on the right. (And yes, Kevin, I know that the boy is a boar and the girl is a gilt. Didn't think I was listening, did ya?) Aren't they SO cute?!?! (Yes, those really are the names they were given by my daughter)She was SO excited that she got close enough to touch them! She loves animals!Notice the pig is blurred? He ran from Byron at every opportunity. I kind of don't blame him considering Byron would probably have "pig-piled" him if he had gotten the chance. He ran after those poor pigs, around and around the pens, until he got too frustrated. He said, "Momma, I can't catch one!"So he decided he would be the pig. That is him saying "oink". The feeder is behind him, and, yes, he did eat some of the food. Just one piece though.....I think.....
That is one proud Piggy Momma!!!!I have the MOST beautiful kids in the world. I just couldn't resist the picture opportunity. I took WAY more pictures of the "getting ready for the pig" process, but that is all I will post. I got several of these: "Mom, are you taking pictures AGAIN?!?!" and an occasional, "Ok, Mom. Here's what we are gonna do. Do you need your camera for that?" from Kevin. At any rate, they still love me enough to let me take pictures. Thanks kids....

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Steve Drew said...

The 3rd and 4th pics look like captures from my game cam! My girls both asked if they could get together and play with Abby after seeing the pics.