Sunday, October 4, 2009

Child Endangerment & Stupid Kid Tricks

There is probably a law against this in some state or country, but we are farm folks, so, really, what other way could we be? That is probably just an excuse, but we have fun and love our kids dearly and would never truly endanger them in any way. So, at the tender age of 3 years, 3 months, and 5 days, our oldest son learned how to drive the 4 wheeler. And might I say, he has done very well.....

So Kevin is really sick of the pacifiers we got at the hospital. I am talking REALLY sick. I think I hear him growling about it occasionally. I was determined not to even give this child one after dealing with them from the other two, but after Collin Mac cried the ENTIRE first night we were in the hospital, I accepted one from the nurse and a Soothie is what we got. As of late, Kevin has decided we need to switch brands (sounds like a cigarette), so I have been using a couple of different kinds. Have I mentioned Collin is not at all convinced we should switch?

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