Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day at the park

It is SO wonderful to have Christian friends. It is even better to have Christian girlfriends. One better than that is to have Christian girlfriends with boys your kids ages that are willing to invite you to go along when they plan an outing to the park! Yes, it is a public park, but it is still nice to feel wanted! :)
So, of course, I had to take pictures! Here we are: Jami and Jaxon West, Amy, Landon and Eli Grigsby, and Byron and myself. We had a great time and this was even before it got so painfully hot!
A little snacktime

Byron always calls her "Amy Grigsby". It is never just Amy. So cute! And Collin likes her to....but she did have food....
I can't wait to see what these boys become. Their daddies grew up together and now here they are.....that is so cool.
Jaxon again!
There was an intense fascination with the ducks and geese... we started feeding them goldfish. They liked it and it drew a bigger crowd!

It is very hard to get 5 boys all together and looking in the same direction for one simple picture. I admire families with multiple children whether all the same age or different ages if they are able to get a decent picture ever!
And of course, there has to be a picture of the mommies! (Don't hate me, girls! We have to document ourselves too!) Thanks for a great time in the park!!!

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Jami said...

I definitely agree with your opening statement for this park post! Love you girls and we need to do this again and very soon!