Sunday, September 20, 2009

My baby boy is growing up

My littlest Collin Mac is quickly approaching the 6 month mark, and the time has absolutely FLOWN by! I say "littlest" tongue-in-cheek. He was the biggest of our 3 at birth weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 11oz. (Incidentally, if you are into numbers, he was born on 4-11 at 11:23am and was the 11th grandchild on the maternal side. I thought that was interesting.) By two weeks, he was at 8lbs 13oz. By now, I would imagine he is between 18 - 19 lbs, but I will update on that when we check up on the 12th. He rolled over before 4 months and is sitting like a grown up already. He eats like a champ and packs on the pounds like a pro. He turns his nose up at NO foods yet, and just itches to try everything on the table. He is growing, as all children do, much too fast, but I am loving every minute.

We have also begun the transition to the baby bed in his own room (shared with big brother of course). I would have let him sleep in the playpen next to my bed until he could crawl out himself, but Daddy said it was time. Daddy is a wise man, and he loves me. He is smart enough to know that, on occasion, I need a little "help" letting go. I would imagine the same may happen when the children move out, but we will cross that bridge at a later date. This was the first night in his bed, but don't let it fool you. He didn't stay there very long. We had several rough nights and a very tired and attached Mommy, but we are doing much better now. He sleeps most of the night, only waking once or twice to eat and then it is promptly back to bed. The boys don't bother each other with their various nighttime noises, which surprised me a bit, but I am very glad of that. All in all, we are doing great, but Mommy needs some "baby moments" to cherish every now and again. I grab them where I can....

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