Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update--Short version :)

So I haven't blogged since April.  I got into some serious trouble for downloading too many pictures onto my computer.  Really, though.  How was I suppose to know that you couldn't put 800 of the highest quality pictures and videos plus a couple of iTunes movies on one very old computer??? :)  Luckily, I have been forgiven and all has been fixed by my once-again savior husband. <3

So, I am just going to post the best pictures I have of these months with a few descriptions.

Caught Byron untying a "fishing line" from the kitchen chair one day...
 Can't imagine where he learned that from.... <3
LOVE the look on his face :)

My VERY amazing artist friend, Steve Drew, who painted the amazing portrait of my Papa reading his bible that now hangs in my living room. 

Have I said "thank you" yet, Steve?  :)

(Little known fact:  I was there the day my Aunt Dana took the picture from which this portrait was painted.  He was reading his bible in the gameroom in front of the glass door when she whipped out her camera.  I'm not sure he even knew she took this.  But this did happen to be the very last day that I ever saw him alive.)

Just a cute family moment I thought I'd share.  Kevin often preaches that he was NEVER allowed in his parents' bedroom.  Can't think of why I would miss a moment like this....<3

Kevin & Mini Me #1
(Incidentally, all of our kids have their very own welding caps now.)

Poor kid doesn't look anything like his dad...

PawPaw's 71st Birthday!!!!  He seems happy about it.

He & the last 3 "grands"

Always a hit--The Incy Wincy Spider

Caroline got to join us for lunch the day after the birthday.  LOVE HER!!!

Our ever-so-well-behaved children

LOVE that kid!

They learned their behavior from Aunt Janna <3

I have no description for this.

My kids LOVE babies!  This happens to be a dear friend's baby at church. 
He's SO cute!

Replacing the pool liner starting at 2 in the afternoon when the temperature reached about 347 degrees....
The guys are ALWAYS working. 

But it's more fun to play IN the water!

Sweet face!

Joys of childhoood

This is what all work and no play gets you.  :)  But I love him SO much!  He is so giving to our family.  (He was just kidding anyway.  He smiled as soon as this was taken.)

The rugrats

And apparently, even getting IN the water gets you put to work sometimes.  Oh well!  Glad to have been able to help.

Byron's 5th Birthday!

On the way to Abilene for pizza & Cars 2!!!

The Birthday BOY! 
Aunt Janna & Caroline made the awesome hat!!!

Complete with Twizzler candles on top!  So creative! As always...

Generation 3b & 3c
Waiting for the movie to start!  I got to sit there with them for about 12 1/2 minutes before they had enough and we went to play on the mall playground while the rest finished up the movie.  :(  Oh well.  It will be more fun to watch at home when it comes out on video.

My big boy in his awesome new blue boots!

Generations 1 & 2

Generations 1 & 3 :)
After that, I wasn't allowed to take anymore pictures in the movie theater.  Kevin got upset with me.  But I guess he got me to quit before we were all kicked out!

Well, that has been the highlights of our lives since April!  Hope you enjoyed!!!

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