Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pure as the driven snow....

Well, we did brave the 7 degree temperatures to go play in the snow, but not for very long.  I was the wimp.  Byron could have stayed out there all day long...honestly.  He saw no reason not to bundle up and go outside for the day!!!! Well, I did.  And I am the Mom so I won.

This is new for Collin.  I really do think this is the first time he has seen snow.  I don't think it has snowed in his lifetime.  hmmm....I hadn't thought of that before.  At any rate, he really didn't know what to think.

But they both found it exciting.

The Abominable Adorable Snowman :)

And his sidekick shadow

This snow blew in between the house and the barn and made a HUGE mound!!!

It took several days to melt.

And on the south end of the house, there was hardly any snow at all....very strange!

Collin looks like he is having fun making a snow angel, but he is really just trying to touch the cold ground and snow with as little of his body as possible!
Still made a cute picture though.

Byron shoveled this snow for days....

Abby got in on the action when she got home from school.  They never took any snow days.  Just delayed starts, so we don't have to make up anything in the beautiful spring when everyone else does!!! 

She was definitely a trooper.  She got up every morning to go feed and water to her pigs and did the same every evening.  I can't say I would have had that same kind of dedication...especially at her age!

The squirt threw a SNOWBALL at me!!!!

And this is what you end up with when the snow melts....

Happy Winter 2011!!!!

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