Monday, January 4, 2010

An ATTEMPT to catch up....

The amazing snow and its angels....

The dog enjoyed it just as much....

Christmas Day 2009

Decorating the tree and time to give some love.....

The precious and mischevious tree-toppling culprits...
Aunt Dana & cousin Mattie
Uncle Sam
My older in age but younger looking sister....
Two of her four kids.
My niece Haley taught Byron to say, "I love you, but you smell."
Thanks Haley. Luckily, he has never said it to anyone but her...yet.
My Beautiful Mommy and Aunt
My granddad called them The Three Amigos. All 3 were born within a month--11/23, 12/3 & 12/23. We are lucky to get to celebrate together occasionally.
(My cousin Reid, Abby, and my nephew Rusty)
PawPaw, Abby and THE jewelry box.
I am trying to start 2010 off right by getting caught up. I don't have alot of time to organize all the pictures I download to this right now, but here are a few things that are included. I hope you are able to figure out what statement goes with which picture. I have added a few caption to clarify some pictures.
- Abby got a BEAUTIFUL jewelry box that was handcrafted by her grandfather, J.B. Tate, for her birthday. It is exceedingly better than anything you would ever be able to pick up in a store. I will elaborate on it at a later date...I hope.

-We had a FANTASTIC thanksgiving in Missouri with my sister and her kids, my mom, and my uncle and aunt and their kids. BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!!!!

- I took ONLY 3 pictures of our Christmas festivities at home. I didn't want to waste my time behind the camera, but I did take one of each of the children on that day.

- I wanted to take a picture of our family on the first day of the new year, but unfortunately, we (4 out of 5 of us) have been under the weather, ranging from just slightly nauseous to "when does the doctor's office open so we can start calling?". I will take a picture soon, but we did get one shortly before Christmas, which is quite good. Dad helped us decorate the tree, and, surprisingly, it ONLY toppled over twice....with help of course.

There are a few extra pictures that are not commented on--just fun stuff I wanted to include. I will try to clear that up later.

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